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About Jufu Remittance

Jufu Remittance is a remittance and money exchange company, however we are also all about people. At Jufu Remittance, we take pride in whom we have in our team, comprising individuals who bring their value and experience to the company. Coming together as one brings about synergies that allows Jufu Remittance to provide top-notch remittance and money exchange services to the man on the street.
Jufu Remittance is the essential link between the foreign community in Singapore and their loved ones back home. We possess deep insights into the remittance and money exchange industry and count world-class companies as our transfer, local agent and money supply partners. We ensure that your funds get remitted securely and that you get the banknotes you need at the best rates possible.

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Jufu Remittance’s Outlet

Standing prominently in the heart of vibrant Geylang, Singapore’s dining and backpackers’ paradise, Jufu Remittance stands ready to serve the foreign community in Singapore. Located right across the road from popular backpacker hotels and coffeeshops, as well as being in the same row as a 24-hour minimart, Jufu Remittance sits on Level 1 of the new and iconic Pavilion Square. Bundling your accommodation, dining, shopping and remittance or money exchange activities in a single location has never been easier and more convenient.

Our other outlet being conveniently located in the heart of Toa Payoh means that the shop is easily accessible to the public and is surrounded by a bustling community with a high foot traffic to serve the various needs of the community.

Financial Compliance

Compliance with financial regulations is the cornerstone of our business. Jufu Remittance is fully-licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to conduct remittance and money exchange activities. Our licence number is PS20200461.

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